Testimonials 見證摘錄

Miss Cao, age 53 lives in Coquitlam.  She suffered from severe pain in her shoulders which made it hard for her to lift her hands.  It also caused sleeping problems so she came to this office for help.  After several treatments her symptoms are gone and now she lives a normal live.

Lady Lily, 76 years old, came to this clinic complaining of ten years of Migraine headaches. She tried to get help from her family doctor and was given a medication for two pills a day and now had taken a total of ten pills. Acupuncture treatment was done on her over five visits and now her symptoms are gone and she feels no more migraine headaches.

Mr. Daniel, an eighty one year old gentleman, who is living in Coquitlam was suffering from an enlarged prostate gland. This is a general phenomenon with older men. He suffers from frequent visits to the bathroom, mostly at night, sometimes up to ten times a night. After three visits to this clinic together with Chinese herbal medicine, he felt the symptom had gone and he doesn’t have the urgency to visit the bathroom as often.

P. Chew, 88 years old, was having Sciatica. He could walk, stand up and sleep alright, but couldn’t sit. If he did – the unbearable pain would almost paralyze him. He was given drugs, but after taking them a few times he decided to stop and come to me. Now he if free from the problem and lives happily.

Edna, 74 years old, had been smoking for 61 years since she was 13 years old, often two packs a day. After just 3 acupuncture treatments she was able to quit.

Andrew, 80 years old, suffered with vertigo. Around 6 months ago he visited quite a few doctors and took a lot of medicine, but to no avail. Later he tried acupuncture with me and after 5 treatments the vertigo was gone. He has not suffered with any vertigo for the last six months.

62 year old Ricky of Port Coquitlam suffered from sciaticalast May and came to this office for help. He was treated four times and got well. Again this year he experienced an incidence of pain in his waist. He was treated here accordingly with acupuncture for one week and the pain was gone.

71 year old house wife Jenny visited this clinic for neck and waist pain. She was treated with acupuncture and felt well after treatment. Later she asked for weight loss and was treated with acupuncture accordingly. After one treatment course, about ten visits, she lost about 10 pounds and was delighted with the results.

Jane’s Qualifications

  • Licensed Acupuncturist & TCM Doctor in California, USA
  • Lichened TCM Doctor in Taiwai, R.O.C
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Acupuncture), O.I.U.C.M.
  • Licenced Acupuncturist & TCM Doctor in B.C.

Our Specialized Services

  • Headache & Migraine
    • Various Sores & Pain
    • Weight Control & Stop Smoking
    • Asthma, Sciatica & Insomnia
    • Nervousness, Arthritis & Rheumatism

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