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A few words about acupuncture

Attachment-1Though its history in the United Sates and its integration into the health care framework in California and several other states are comparatively new, Acupuncture has been successfully practiced in continental Europe, Russia and Japan for many years. Of course, its history in China is much longer.

The main surviving reason for this healing technique is that it is simple, effective and no side-effect if given by a qualified acupuncturist. Its theory, based on the traditional Chinese medicine; is simplified as this :

The human body, as everything else, is governed by two opposing forces within the body, namely, The Yin(negative) and The Yang(positive). The balance of Yin and Yang controls the Chi(Vital energy) flow in the body. If the two are balanced and in harmony, energy flow in the body will be ample and smooth and the body will be in perfect health. There are many points on the body surface where energy flow can be most accessible to manipulation. By linking these points, they form distinct lines which were called MERIDIANS(or pathways). Each of these lines reflects an organic function of the body.

They were also named by that corresponding functions by the ancient Chinese doctors. Thus they were referred to as: The Lung, The Spleen, The Stomach, The Pancreas, The Bladder, The Kid trey, The Heart, The Small intestine, The pericardium, The Gall Bladder, The Colon, and The Liver Meridians. If the energy flow in any of these meridians or pathways is disturbed or blocked as a result of unbalanced Yin and Yang within the body, the body will becomes ill and will sent out signals in forms of pain or discomfort to ask for outside help. If the signals are left unattended or ignored, then physical changes may be resulted in the organs or function to cause real trouble for the body, or even threatening life.

By manipulating the energy flow at the pertinent points, acupuncturist can adjust energy flow to and from the body so as to influence the balance of Yin and Yang in reverse. When the balance is restored, the body will pain or suffer no more. Surprisingly, modern experiment has supported the existence of acupuncture points which were discovered by ancient Chinese doctors thousands of years ago.

Recently, a new application was found for acupuncture: to use it as analgesia in surgical operation whenever desirable.

The advantage of this new analgesia is that it only blocks the pain but retain other senses to the patient.

While there are attempts such as the “gate” theory, or the endorphin theory, or even the hypnosis theory trying to interpret the underlying mechanism of acupuncture, yet up to this date, there is no theory that can satisfactorily explain all the aspects of acupuncture.

As doctors and scientists are working hard trying to understand more about the mysteries of acupuncture, we look forward to the day when it can be fully understood and explained in modern medical terms as to how and why it works, and expecting that it will do still better in the release of body sufferings and in the care of health of man kind.

How does scientist view acupuncture

In the West, there are two extremities about Chinese medicine (including acupuncture); one sees it as hocus-pocus, the product of magic thinking. If a patient is cured by herb or acupuncture, they see it as psychosomatic or accidental. They assume that current western medicine and science have a unique handle on truth and all else is superstition.

The other who is deeply and often justifiably disturbed by the products of western science and culture, assume that Chinese medicine, because it is more ancient, more spirature, is more “True” than western medicine. They tends to turn Chinese medicine from a rational body of knowledge into a religious faith system.

Actually, Chinese medicine is a coherent and independent system of thought and practice it has been developed over two millennia. Based on ancient text it is the result of a continuous process of critical thinking, as well as extensive clinical observation and testing. It represents a thorough formulation and reformulation of material by respected clinicians and theoreticians. It has developed its own perception of the body and of health and disease.

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